ABC World News (11/30, story 9, 0:15, Muir) reported that research suggests that “spending one extra minute on the treadmill starting at the age of 18 translates to a 12 percent decrease in heart problems later during middle age.”

NBC News (12/1, Fox) reports on its website that the study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, suggests that “people who are in good shape as young adults — mostly in their 20s — are much less likely to die in middle age.” Investigators found that “the longer a person could push on a treadmill test as a young adult, the less likely he or she was to die of anything, including cancer and heart disease, 25 years later.”

HealthDay (12/1, Preidt) reports, “Some of the participants had another treadmill test seven years into the study.” Among those participants, “a one-minute reduction in being able to remain on the treadmill was associated with a 21 percent increased risk of death and a 20 percent increased risk of heart-related death.”