ABC World News Tonight (8/1, story 14, 0:20, Muir) reported, “People who sleep six hours of sleep a night tend to be heavier than those who sleep nine hours,” researchers found. The study also suggests “shorter sleep is linked to high blood pressure.”

NBC Nightly News (8/1, story 11, 0:20, Holt) reported, “Fewer hours of sleep can affect your hormones, metabolism and cholesterol level,” the study revealed.

USA Today (8/1, Diebel) reports that the research indicates individuals “who sleep about six hours a night had a waist 1.2 inches larger than those getting nine hours of sleep a night.” The research was published in the journal PLOS One.

The Washington Times (8/1, Kelly) reports that the study authors “noted that positive numbers associated with metabolic syndrome criteria…were also present in participants who slept longer, but they believe this is a result of the lower BMI and waist circumference and not longer sleep directly.”