How To Steps for Requesting an Appointment Through Your Patient Portal

Understanding How to Make an Appointment

How Can I Reach My Receptionist to Schedule an Appointment?

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How To Steps for Requesting an Appointment Through Your Patient Portal

** You must initiate request through you Patient Portal **

Log in to Patient Portal

• Under Appointment Tab, located in left band

• Click on “New Appointment”

• Fill in the following;

• Facility drop down, Pawleys Pediatrics and Adult Medicine

Provider, Choose your Physician
(Select your primary Physician)

• Dr. Kelly
• Dr. Nicol
• Dr. Haseltine
• Dr. Wren
• Dr. Ross
• Dr. Baker
• Dr. Sandifer

• Choose Appointment type:
• New Patient Pediatric
• New Patient Adult
• Wellness Appointment
• Sick/Problem Appointment
• Problem
• Problem Follow-up Appointment

• Reason for visit, you can free type such as;
• “Annual visit” or “follow-up Medication” etc…

• Date Range, click on calendar and choose a “From” and “To” date

• First and Second-day preference
• Monday
• Tuesday
• Wednesday
• Thursday
• Friday

• Choose a time • 8:00 • 9:00 • 10:00 • 11:00 • 1:00 • 2:00 • 3:00 •

Preferred Method of Contact:
• This could be your email or phone

*If the appointment date & time is available you will automatically be notified of an appointment based on your method of contact.

*If the appointment date & time is NOT available you will receive an email message to check your portal.


• You can type in a message in the Free text box

**Messages will be checked at 8:00 am and 2:00 pm

****For any urgent situations call 911**

If you have trouble accessing your portal, our receptionists will be happy to assist you with your login information