Chronic Care Management: Improving Quality of Care

The CCM program is a welcome recognition that patients with complex needs require more attention than others. Investing in such programs, and doing so in ways that enable practitioners to provide such care in meaningful and sustainable ways, holds the promise of improving outcomes while cutting long-term healthcare costs.

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CDC Warns of continued salmonella spike as people mishandle backyard birds

At least 372 people in the US, 36% of them children, were diagnosed with salmonella infections linked to backyard chickens, ducks and geese from Jan. 4 to May 3, according to the CDC, and the actual number of infections is likely significantly higher. That follows a record 895 human infections last year as backyard bird ownership gains popularity, and CDC veterinarian Megin Nichols urges people to learn more about safe handling guidelines, including not allowing fowl inside the home, washing hands after handling birds or their food and water dishes, and closely supervising children around birds.

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Women Who Breastfeed For 6 Months May Reduce Their Risk Of Developing Endometrial Cancer, Research Suggests

Reuters (6/1, Crist) reports that research suggests “women who breastfeed their babies for the recommended six months may also be lowering their own risk of developing endometrial cancer.” Investigators found, “in the analysis of data from 17 past studies…that women who had ever breastfed their children were 11 percent less likely than women who had children but didn’t breastfeed to be diagnosed with endometrial cancer.” The data indicated “longer breastfeeding seemed to further lower endometrial cancer risk, though there was little extra benefit past 6-9 months of breastfeeding.” The findings were published in Obstetrics and Gynecology.