How to Request an Appointment through Healow

You can now request an appointment via our website at or

through your Healow App on your mobile device for both established and new patients

Dr. Baker and Dr. Sandifer are taking both Adult and Pediatric new patients

Dr. Kelly, Dr. Nicol, Dr. Haseltine, Dr. Wren, and Dr. Ross are taking Pediatric new patients

To request an appointment through our website

Go to Contact (top right corner) and as you hoover over click on “Schedule Appointment”


Find your Physician and Click on “Book an Appointment”

Choose the date you’re requesting and what time of day you prefer



Click “Send Request” and from there you will be asked to put in your contact information.

A receptionist will contact you with an appointment during normal business hours

8:00am – 5:00pm

Using the Healow App on your mobile devise

Do you have the Healow App? If the answer is no, you can go to your app store and download Our practice code is “IDJDBA”

Healow practice code

Once you have the App, click on “Find Appointment”

Healow App

Choose your Physician

book appointment

Click on “Send Request” and enter your information


A receptionist will contact you to with an appointment during normal business hours

8:00 am– 5:00pm

If you have any questions or problems, call us at 843-314-1314