Sexting appears to be on the rise among teens, meta-analysis suggests

The ABC News (2/26, Allen) website reports that among teenagers, sexting is on the increase, research indicates. Nearly “27 percent of teens are receiving sexts and almost 15 percent are sending them, according to findings” published online in JAMA Pediatrics.

        CNN (2/26, Gabriel) reports researchers “included data from 39 separate research projects conducted between January 1990 and June 2016, with a total of 110,380 participants, all of whom were under 18 – with some as young as 11.” The meta-analysis reveals that “the increased number of young people involved in sending or receiving sexually explicit photographs or messages has corresponded with rapidly expanding access to cell phones.” For that reason, “the study’s authors suggest that ‘age specific information on sexting and its potential consequences should regularly be provided as a component of sex education.’”


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