Teens who get alcohol from their parents may be more likely to binge drink, study suggests

The AMA Bulletin on 1/26/2018 has some articles on Teens who get alcohol from their parents.

USA Today (1/25, Weintraub) reports that research suggests “teens whose early exposure to alcohol comes from home aren’t protected against the dangers of alcohol, and may even be more likely to drink and suffer alcohol-related harms.” The findings were published online in The Lancet Public Health.

On its website, ABC News (1/25, Koushik) reports that investigators “at the National Drug and Alcohol Centre in Australia surveyed a group of 1,927 parents and adolescents over a six-year period to find out what happens when parents provide their kids alcohol.”

HealthDay (1/25, Preidt) reports that at the end of the study, “81 percent of teens who got alcohol from both their parents and other people reported binge drinking,” compared to “62 percent of teens who got alcohol only from other people, and 25 percent of those who got alcohol only from their parents.” HealthDay adds, “Similar patterns were seen for alcohol-related harm, and for signs of future alcohol abuse, dependence and alcohol-use disorders, the study authors said.”