Our Team

Quality and Administration


Lynne Read - Practice Manager

Lauren Dunk - Quality Coordinator, Administrative Supervisor

Lauren McCaskill - Administrative Assistant

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Cynthia Capitelli, RN - CCM

Kelly Thornell, LPN  - CCM

Billing and Insurance

Georgia Ross White - Billing Supervisor

Jessica Chila, CPC-A - Coding and Claims Specialist

Carla Page - Billing and Payments Specialist

Samantha Washington - Billing and Insurance Specialist


Mimi Moody - Front Office Supervisor

Ebony Cooper - Receptionist

Shayla Cumbee - Check-in Receptionist

Mary Kelly - Check-out Receptionist

Erica Langley - Referral Coordinator

Kylie Schindler - Check-in Receptionist

Clinical Care

Courtney Altman, CCMA - Triage

Sheri Blankenship, RMA - Phone Triage

Erica Bolick, RMA - Dr. Ross

Lucy Miller, NRCMA - Dr. Sandifer

Christian Richardson, CMA - Dr. Kelly

Tichina Stafford, CMA - Dr. Baker

Carrie Syler, RMA - Dr. Nicol

Cathy Zak, LPN - In-house Lab Nurse