January is Birth Defects Prevention Month

Birth defects are common, costly and critical. Every 4 ½ minutes a baby is born with a major birth defect. Become an active participant in Birth Defects Prevention Month and join a nationwide effort to raise awareness of birth defects, their causes and their impact.

Not all birth defects can be prevented; however, all women, including teens, can lower their risk of having a baby born with a birth defect by following some basic health guidelines throughout their reproductive years.  This year we are encouraging all women to make a PACT for prevention.

 Plan ahead

Avoid harmful substances

Choose a healthy lifestyle

Talk to your doctor

Women and their loved ones can participate in their PACT and take these important preventive steps that can lead to a reduction in the number of birth defects.  Learn more about the effect you can have on birth defects at www.nbdpn.org/bdpm2015.php.