Studies show evidence of heart benefits from omega-3s

TIME (7/18, Oaklander) examines the heart benefits of omega-3s in fish oil supplements, noting they are “the most popular natural product in America among U.S. adults,” eight percent of whom take them. Despite their popularity, the piece points out that experts’ research and conclusions about omega-3s’ purported heart benefits “have been surprisingly uneven.” However, a recent large study published in JAMA Internal Medicine led by researchers at Tufts University “added to the weight of evidence in favor of the fatty acids for heart health.” The study examined omega-3 levels in tissue and blood samples of 45,637 healthy people “to see if there was a connection to coronary heart disease.” While it did not find any link between heart attacks and omega-3s in general, it “did find that people who had diets rich in fish-derived omega-3s had a lower risk of fatal heart attacks.”